CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Two bald eagles and their eaglets have planted roots in Chippewa Falls.

First News at Nine’s Phoebe Murray explains how a Livestream feed of the nest from the roof of a nearby building is taking the Chippewa Falls community by storm.

An emblem of the Nation, moving in next door to the Heyde Center’s stars and stripes.

“In the room above here I was looking out the window and saw the eagle fly across with a branch in its hand, and it’s like where is it going,” recalls Heyde Center for the Arts volunteer, Jerry Brost.

Two bald eagles and their eaglets now call a pine tree in Chippewa Falls home.

Brost knew the action was too good not to share so his team went to work.

“One of ‘em strung wires to get wires up to the camera, one of them helped carry a post-up there,” explains Brost.

With a camera donated by former Chippewa Falls City Council member CW King mounted to a pole on the roof, the world now has a bird’s eye view of this growing family.

“When Jerry told me about this I was really excited about getting something done,” exclaims King.

Pointed directly at the eagles home anybody can enjoy a day in the nest.

“We were lucky enough to have them come and perch next to us the least we could do is share it with the rest of the community,” says Brost.

Four feathered friends offering a glimpse of true reality TV, day and night.

“For a bird that was once almost extinct it’s nice to know we got one living right with us,” smiles Brost.

Along with the live feed found on Youtube, the Heyde Center has placed a handful of highlight videos from the birds on their website (click here).

King says you can also watch the nest on the city’s website.