Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Western Wisconsin was hit with its first significant snowfall of the season. Areas of the Chippewa Valley saw anywhere from three to six inches of snow. Farther north, communities like Hudson had nearly eight inches.

The Wisconsin State Patrol reports close to 25 crashes and runoffs happened yesterday in the northwest region. 5-1-1 Wisconsin is also showing a significant number of roads labeled as slippery or snow-covered in and west of the Eau Claire area, as well as towards the south in Trempealeau and Vernon counties.

Even though snow isn’t falling anymore, Eau Claire County Emergency Management urges people to take their time on the roads. 

“The roads are slicker than we’ve seen in the last six months or so. I mean, yes, we’ve had rainstorms and whatnot, but this is the first time it was snow and freezing temperatures. Just creates a little bit more of a slippery road situation. So, take the extra few minutes to get home safely so that we’re all back where we need to be.”

Eau Claire County Emergency Management staff add it’s important to wipe the snow off your vehicles before driving to help keep extra snow off of the roads.