MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – More than 20 people were hurt in three separate shootings in Milwaukee last night.

One of those shooting happened near Fiserv Forum.

Thousands of Bucks fans had gathered there for a NBA playoff game watch party.

They ran for safety after they heard gunshots.

Brhett Vickery talked to some of those fans about last night.

“This was our first watch party this playoff run and we’re done.”

“We were walking back to the car and there were two or three gunshots and we just started running.”

Less than twelve hours later, Lauren Malecki and Adam Schmidt came back to the scene of the get the stuff they dropped.

“He grabbed my hand and we started running and i got trampled over and that’s why my glasses went flying but you just got to keep running because everyone was running into each other, it’s just chaos.”

By the Bucks count, eleven thousand people were inside the Deer District. Police say the shooting happened here at MLK and highland right outside Fiserv Forum.

“We walked out of the punch bowl and everyone started running and me and my boyfriend walked out and there was an active shooter and it happened right next to my head. My boyfriend pulled me behind this brick wall and if he wouldn’t have this outcome would have been a lot different.” police say two men in their twenties and a 16-year-old girl were hurt.

They took one 19-year-old man into custody.

Now, fans who started their Friday night excited for this city.

“I don’t think we would come back for another watch party or game. It’s just getting out of hand.”

Say they’re ending their weekend, with a more somber outlook.

“Milwaukee needs to do better. You always have to take something fun and ruin it so it’s really disheartening to see and people bring their families so it’s just really sad.”

The victims of the shootings range in age from 15 to 47.

Police say all of them are expected to survive.

Downtown Milwaukee will be under a curfew for the rest of the weekend.

Police will begin enforcing that curfew at 11 pm tonight and at 11 pm tomorrow night.