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More than twenty thousand volunteers are on a mission to pack four million meals for starving children in four days. Fox’s Leah Beno reports from Woodbury, Minnesota with more.     
Volunteers are in the middle of this massive 4 day effort. And they are on pace to meet that 4 million meal goal.

“We are labeling the bags for the food.”

83 years old, ‘I’m closer to 84, ”Delores Fitzgerald, and her fellow church members are a few of the roughly 20 thousand volunteers spending a couple hours at the Bielenberg Sports Center this weekend..

“It is just such a wonderful privilege to be able to do this.”

Those old: ‘I love it, I love it.’ and young like 7 year old Ender Welker are helping package vital nutritious meals for kids worldwide.

“What was the best part about it?”

“Helping, aww helping people.”

The formula made up of vitamins, vegetables, rice and soy was engineered by Cargill and General Mills some 25 years ago. This video reminder volunteers who they are helping, including an 11 year old provide for his brothers.

Stories like that are inspiring packers. Scooper, labelers and runners, all day Thursday through Sunday.
Making this is the largest event feed my starving children has ever been part of.

“Just over the last few years we’ve had more and more groups like this that have said, “you know we want to grow.”

King of Kings Lutheran launched the idea for community packing party. The city donated the facility. And from there other churches, Girl Scout troops, athletic teams, people from all over Woodbury, joined the effort.

“This facility was built exactly for that purpose. To bring the community together. And a huge thank you to feed my starving children. This was an experiment for them. To do this local partnership.”

Ten percent of the money raised will stay local and help the Christian Cupboard Food Shelf. Beyond that, this effort will help hungry mouths all over the globe.

“A pallet has 77 hundred meals. So when we are looking at what we are doing. Here we are going to feed over 11 thousand children a meal a day for a year. That impact is significant.”

And because this is a Christian nonprofit, they pray each shipment will reach those who need it most.

“We pray that this can make it and that lots of kids will be able to eat it because we want to help.”

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