Wisconsin has long been a favorite destination for filmmakers looking for scenic locations to shoot their films. From the rolling hills of the Driftless Area to the bustling city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s diverse landscape has played host to some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Here are 5 of the top films shot in Wisconsin:

  • “Public Enemies” (2009) – Starring Johnny Depp as notorious gangster John Dillinger, this crime drama was shot in several Wisconsin locations, including the historic town of Columbus.
  • “The Straight Story” (1999) – This heartwarming film follows the true story of Alvin Straight, who traveled across Iowa and Wisconsin on a lawnmower to visit his brother. The movie was filmed in various small towns in Wisconsin, including Blanchardville and Darlington.
  • “Bridesmaids” (2011) – This raunchy comedy, starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, was filmed in Milwaukee and nearby areas. The city’s iconic Bronze Fonz statue even makes a cameo.
  • “The Giant Spider Invasion” (1975) – This classic B-movie was filmed in various locations in Wisconsin, including Merrill and Gleason. It follows the story of a small town terrorized by giant spiders from space.
  • “A Simple Plan” (1998) – Directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton, this crime thriller was filmed in various small towns in Wisconsin, including Berlin and Lake Mills.

Wisconsin’s beauty and unique charm have been showcased in many films over the years. Whether you’re a fan of classic dramas or action-packed thrillers, these fan favorites are sure to captivate you with their stunning visuals and storylines.