MADISON Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – Two Wisconsin lawmakers are working on a package of bills to address poverty in our state. One of them is State Representative Lisa Subeck from Madison.

Data from a recent report on the COVID-19 economy’s effects on food, housing, and employment, as recently as September, 10 percent of renters in our state are behind on rental payments. That’s nearly 125-thousand adults.

Subeck also says 825-thousand households in Wisconsin cannot cover household expenses right now due to the pandemic’s effects on the economy. 

“When your child goes to school, there may be a child or more than one child who doesn’t have enough to eat at night. This isn’t some out-there thing, poverty isn’t a thing that affects other people, it affects all of us.”, said Subeck.

The COVID-19 economic impact study also found 5 percent of adults do not have enough to eat and six percent of adults say their children are not eating. That means 70 thousand households in Wisconsin are struggling with hunger.