CADOTT, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A tribute to those who died in the terrorist attacks 22 years ago was held in Cadott this morning. Veterans and first responders of Cadott gathered outside the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute to honor the fallen. Names of those who were in the planes on 9/11 were read to the crowd. A local high school band played music and several people spoke about honoring the lives that were lost in the tragedy.

One of those speakers was a retired pilot from Chicago who was personally affected by the attack of 9/11. Captain Jim Anderson says, “My friend Captain Victor Seracini(sp) was the captain of Flight 175. We were classmates starting out as new hires, and he was the captain of Flight 175. Flew into the World Trade Center towers. it’s very tough to go and see what we have seen for every anniversary since then.”

A memorial for the 9/11 victims was highlighted at the event.