ALTOONA Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Thanksgiving came a little early to one church in Altoona. For over 35 years the Birch Street Baptist Church holds a dinner that’s open to the whole community. At yesterday’s meal, it served some thanksgiving classics like turkey and stuffing.

Organizers say it takes a couple of weeks to prepare for this communitywide dinner. Pastor Tim Hallett says its all about giving people a place to enjoy the holiday

“You know, there are some people, even from our church, who do not have any family. They don’t have to ability to go out with anybody and be able to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, this is their Thanksgiving meal. And many of them rely on this for their Thanksgiving meal.”

The church says it feeds around 150 people every year. Next year’s Thanksgiving dinner is set for November 12.