ALTOONA, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Kids of all ages dressed in their Halloween best to attend an annual trick-or-treating event in Altoona. The Fall Frenzy took place at River Prairie Park. Kids were given a map and a game card, heading to a variety of different spooky stations around the park where they got candy and prizes.

Altoona City Recreation Manager, Debra Goldbach, says this event is a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy Halloween, “This is just a super fun park. For starters, we’re in River Prairie Park, and it’s again, it’s just a fun thing for kids to do to get out and about, be dressed in their costume and do fun games and answer silly questions and, you know, ultimately get candy and prizes.”

Goldbach says the event was held inside for the last few years because of the COVID Pandemic and she’s happy it’s back outside.