La Crosse: At 1 PM Tuesday Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Tree Huggers Co-op, will hold a news conference in support of legalization of Cannabis, an issue currently being debated in the state budget process. The event will put a special focus on the positive impact for small farmers and rural communities in the region. 

All Wisconsinites should have the freedom to have thriving, safe communities but are currently suffering economically, medically, and through racial and social injustice. All while our small farms are disappearing. 

Huge strides can be made in all of these areas by supporting the governor’s proposal to legalize and tax medicinal and recreational cannabis in Wisconsin. That is why Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Tree Huggers Co-op are gathering for a news event on April 20th to support the legalization provisions contained in the governor’s 2021-2022 state budget.

This event will be held at the brand new Tree Huggers Co-op north side location in La Crosse. Speakers will be on hand to discuss the economic, medical, and social justice benefits, as well as the benefits that will be seen in our rural and farming communities when cannabis is legalized in our state. We intend to use this event to put a face to those being negatively impacted by antiquated prohibition laws. We want to use this event to send a message to Madison politicians that it is past time for cannabis legalization.

The press event will be outdoors, COVID safe (masks and distancing enforced), and open to the public. Speakers will be available for questions from the media after the event.

Event time: Tuesday, April 20th, 1:00-1:30 PM

Event location: Tree Hugger’s Co-op, 1605 Rose Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin behind building

Speakers to include: