Arson charge filed against Barron County woman

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A New Auburn woman has been charged in Barron County court after her house was fully engulfed.

A criminal complaint shows 45-year-old Tonia Morrison has been charged with arson of a building.

Barron County Sheriff’s Department responded to a fire on Aug. 12 around 2:25 a.m. where they found smoke coming from the residence as they arrived. The department says a piece of furniture was on fire and was dragged outside by firefighters.

Through an investigation, officials with a K9 unit say they found five different areas of the house that smelled of accelerants. A witness who had recently lived with Morrison noted that fuel cans that were used to fill the lawnmowers were recently missing.

The criminal complaint says a dog was found at the end of the driveway, alive, but a parrot was found dead in its cage inside the home.

During the investigation, Morrison told officials she didn’t remember starting the fires but feels like she did. She said she remembered moving the dog outside because she didn’t want anything to happen to him, but forgot about the parrot.

The complaint says she then later told law enforcement she remembered using wooden stick matches to start the fire. After the fire was started, Morrison then went to her bedroom and laid down. When the room started to fill with smoke, she attempted to put a pillow over her face but then couldn’t take it any longer and broke the window and called 911.

Morrison is scheduled to be in court next on Nov. 6.

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