MEDFORD, Wis. (WSAW/Gray News) – A Wisconsin couple is recovering after a bear attacked them while they were inside their home.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office reports a husband and wife called deputies on Friday night to inform them of what happened.

The couple said the incident started when they noticed a bear outside of their home eating from a bird feeder, as reported by WSAW.

They opened a window and yelled for the bear to go away. However, the bear then turned and charged at the house. The couple said it broke through a window and into their home.ADVERTISEMENT

Deputies reported the man and woman said they tried to fight off the bear while stabbing it with a kitchen knife.

Eventually, the husband was able to retrieve a gun, and he shot and killed the bear, according to the sheriff’s office. The couple was injured and suffered several bites in the attack. Their children were also home, but they were sleeping and unharmed.

Authorities said the bear was an adult female and appeared to have one cub nearby.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also responded to the couple’s home and took possession of the bear for testing.