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As temperatures soar into the upper 90’s, you’re going to want to know how and where you can cool off this weekend.
First News at Nine’s Jessica Mendoza shares some tips on staying cool.
“This weekend is going to be the hottest weekend we have had in a full year,” said WEAU Meteorologist Tucker Antico.
Antico says he’s forecasting an unusually hot weekend, a dry 95 degree high for this Saturday.
“We have not been in the mid 90’s at least 95 and warmer since 2018,” Antico added.
Lucky for Eau Claire, one of the best ways to beat the heat is back in business. Fairfax Pool opens tomorrow at 1 p.m. for this first time in 20 months.
“Who knew it would be 90 degrees on our opening day?” said Dawn Comte, Recreations Manager for the city of Eau Claire.
Comte says Fairfax Pool was closed last summer due to repairs and COVID-19.
“We are very aware we are still in a pandemic,” Comte said. “The good news is we are an outdoor facility so we are still taking some precautions [including] masks if you aren’t vaccinated.”
Comte says Fairfax Pool may be one of the best options for safe swimming but recognizes the many other ways people can stay cool.
“Eau Claire is a water community,” said Comte. We have a confluence of two rivers, Half Moon Lake and Half Moon beach but those are unsupervised. It’s always better to be in a guarded area in you can.”
For Bryce Johnson and Morgan Roberts of Eau Claire, they’re happy to see the temperatures rising.
“I love it, I hate winter,” said Johnson.

“I hate winter too!” Roberts agreed.
Today was their first time at Half Moon Beach. As for how they plan to stay cool the rest of the weekend?
“Ice cream! Go to Cowboy Jack’s, the outdoor patio just opened up,” Johnson said. “It’s super nice and right by the river too.”
If you were wondering what a meteorologist does during the heat…
“Maybe I’ll get in the water,” said Antico. “I know my AC will be going for sure, that will be cranking all weekend.”

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