Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – One day after addressing the nation with his first state of the union address, President Biden is in northern Wisconsin. The President and the First Lady landed in Duluth around noon with congressman Ron Kind and senator Tammy Baldwin among others.

Biden addressed a crowd at UW-Superior about the infrastructure law, saying it includes 40 billion dollars for bridge improvements. As he spoke in the badger state yesterday, President Biden’s State of the Union Address Tuesday night is a big topic of conversation on Capitol Hill.

President Biden hit the road on Wednesday touting his recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill and pushing for the rest of his agenda less than a day after his state of the union address. Biden says: “so let’s keep building, let’s continue to give families a fighting chance, and let’s meet this moment together.”

In his address Tuesday night, the President spoke about several parts of his stalled Build-Back Better plan like cutting the cost of childcare and raising taxes.

“You can rename a package all you want to, which is exactly what they tried to do last night, but those policies just expand government.”

Although republicans and democrats have found little to agree on so far this year, some moderates say it’s time for common ground.

“You know people really want us to come together as a nation, they want us to get things done for them, domestic manufacturing, made in America, these are issues that people care about at home.”

We might see congress come together this week. The Senate is set to vote on the bipartisan postal reform bill that could save fifty billion dollars over a decade.