EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – If you have student loan debt, you might be able to receive debt forgiveness up to 20-thousand dollars. President Biden released the administration’s student loan debt plan yesterday.

Staff at UW-Eau Claire say last year, the average student loan debt for a year at the campus was just over 6 thousand dollars. In four years, the average debt of UW-Eau Claire students is 21 thousand dollars.

With this information in mind, campus staff say President Biden’s student loan debt plan could be beneficial for students.

“I think that students here at Eau Claire are going to be really excited about the fact that this is happening, and I think it’s really good for students. Colleges are an investment and it’s not always an easy investment for families. So, I think this will be much appreciated by students and the university.”

UW-Eau Claire students seem excited about this announcement as well.

“I think it’s pretty great that a lot of students will get some sort of relief. $10,000, I believe. And I think every dollar really counts. I feel like it should be a bit higher. Or, on the other hand, maybe tuition costs should go lower. But I think overall, that’s a really good decision.”

But other students are somewhat skeptical of this plan.

“I didn’t know if it was actually going to happen or not. So now seeing this like kind of unfolding, it’s just one of those things of, okay, let’s see, like what the details are because there’s usually some type of like loophole that got left out. But overall, this is pretty exciting to hear.”

For right now, what this is going to look like isn’t clear. But UW-Eau Claire staff say they are ready to help.

“I’m not sure what the details are going to be. I just found out about it today for the most part, at least the details as everybody else did. But I can tell you that we’re going to be here to help students. So, you know, we’re excited for people to contact us. Let us know if you need some help.”

Campus staff say they will also be reaching out to students they believe qualify for this program. People who received Pell grants during school can receive up to 20-thousand dollars of debt forgiveness.

Those who were not Pell grant recipients can receive up to 10-thousand dollars. The Biden administration’s plan also says student loan repayment pauses will be extended for the last time until December 31 of this year.