CHETEK, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Chetek Fire and Rescue is one of the only departments between Superior and Chippewa Falls with a dive unit providing a resource for dive rescue and recoveries when needed. Recently, the department was gifted a new piece of equipment. John Heidemann owns Six Lakes Resort and says he revamped a spare boat he and his wife had to give to Chetek Fire and Rescue. From there, he reached out to other companies, including Perfect Image Sign LLC in Rice Lake who did the signage on the boat for free. Zacho Sports also donated the complete sonar system for the boat.

Staff with Chetek Fire and Rescue say these donations will help with future rescues. Cheetek Firefighter, Travis Sewilo, explains, “Being able to have more control over those functions is going to be crucial. So, time is always of the essence when it comes to water stuff and being able to get this on the boat right away and get going is going to be a huge factor in hopefully being able to save some lives.”

This is now the third piece of equipment Chetek Fire and Rescue has for their diving rescue and recovery operations. They also have a dive trailer and a pontoon that was donated by Lake County Marina last year.