A man from California who drives an ice cream truck was in Lake Hallie today to give out free frozen treats and smiles. Denton Postlewait explains why the Ice Cream Man was in Wisconsin.

Brant Aderman, “I’ve been driving the ice cream truck, started building it about a year ago. I’ve been driving trucks for 30 years, the better part of 30 years.”

Aderman – aka the ice cream man- was in Lake Hallie today to brighten the spirits of the community – specifically the families of the girl scouts involved in the hit-and-run of troop 3055 in November.

I met the majority of the families of the girl scouts that were killed here in Hallie last fall. It was pretty tough to talk to the parents. I met little Madalyn; she had a wonderful smile on her face. Just the thought that the truck and the ice cream and those things can bring joy, maybe put off that pain for a little while longer and have fun doing it, then it’s worth it.

Brant Aderman “The Ice Cream Man”

Aderman says he started driving the truck after he heard about a little boy who was abused in Minnesota.

One year later – Aderman says he is working on becoming a non-profit.

“That’s my dream, to have a super funded non-profit thing that when time permits, I can allocate some time and funds to go out and meet people in communities across the United States on my route.”

Aderman is from Live Oak, California – nearly 2 thousand miles from Lake Hallie.

He says the best part about driving the truck is the reaction it gets.

“The best part is seeing everybody’s face when I turn the corner or pull into a truck stop or shippers/receivers. Everybody loves it.”