Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Ads trying to sway your vote are everywhere: in your mailbox, on your phone and right here on TV. Milwaukee is second in the nation for number of campaign ads running on TV. Green Bay is number 5 and La Crosse sits at 25.

Candidates like to show themselves doing totally normal things like filling up their gas tanks, driving around town in their favorite pickup truck, and visiting construction, wearing more relatable clothing, either a sweater vest or flannel and no stuffy ties.

Follow the cash and you’ll find evidence that Wisconsin is one of America’s most important battlegrounds. 8,800 ads on broadcast tv the past two weeks.

Wisconsin tops the nation for senate race ads run more than 14,000 spots in the past two weeks. These are some of the findings in the Wesleyan Media Project’s new report.

The Weselyn Media Project finds in the past two weeks, Evers and supporters have run 6,130 ads, compared to Michel’s and supporters’ 4,065.

A separate study from Adimpacts Politics looks at total ad spending and finds Wisconsin hosting the country’s most expensive gubernatorial election, with republicans spending 16.8 million, to democrats 38 million.

But Adimpacts finds republicans winning in the senate race: $49m to democrats’ $40m. The Wesleyan Media Project finds from September 5 to the 18.63 percent of the senate ads were negative. For the governor’s race, Wesleyan find 74% were negative.

Attack ads help paint a picture of the candidate when voters say they don’t know enough about a candidate to have an opinion. That leaves an opening to paint a picture with an attack ad, and that image can stick. Just 6 and half weeks until the ads go silent, and you decide.