CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Chippewa County Board Administrator says Sheriff Travis Hakes knew about the investigation against him and declined to participate. The investigation includes allegations of inappropriate text messages between Sheriff Hakes and an employee. It also says staffers reported Hakes bypassing policies and procedures, among other things.

In a statement, Randy Scholz says the county board followed the legal process to investigate the allegations of misconduct against Hakes. He says Sheriff Hakes was informed several times about the reason for the investigation and was given several opportunities to participate and provide information, but he declined.

Last month, Sheriff Hakes claimed he was, “Excluded from participation in any meeting and denied even the chance to be informed about what allegations the board considered.”

The investigation into Sheriff Hakes will be further addressed by the Chippewa County Board at the meeting on October 10th.