CHIPPEWA FALLS Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – 31-year-old Joshua Moggo from Chippewa Falls is suspected of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the downtown Chippewa Falls shooting on January 14th. He appeared in court Tuesday morning for a bond hearing.

District Attorney Wade Newell says Moggo entered the home of his ex-girlfriend on Saturday night with an illegal firearm and demanded his son.

“The incident that brings us here today on the 14th of January involves the attempted homicide. That is the situation where the defendant essentially came to the residence with a firearm and was trying to leave with his son.”

Moggo’s ex-girlfriend was shot in the abdomen. She suffered life-threatening injuries.

“She has numerous internal injuries, including injuries to her bowel, stomach, and liver, and has gone through multiple surgeries as a result of that gunshot wound.”

The Chippewa Falls Police Chief says that Moggo was arrested shortly after the shooting.

“A couple of hours later, he did contact us. He contacted dispatch himself repeatedly, saying wanted to turn himself in. So, our officers then responded and we were able to take custody at that time.”

How Moggo obtained the firearm is still under investigation.

“That’s one of the items that I don’t know.”

Newell says this was not the first incident of child custody interference from Moggo.

“Coincidentally, that same son, the defendant was convicted of kidnaping that son and placed on probation back in 2015.”

Chippewa falls PD say they were aware of Moggo’s criminal history, and that the victim had filed a restraining order against Moggo about two weeks before the shooting.

“I know that he’s had prior calls, including violent calls with the police department. He was definitely known to the police department.”

Moggo was ordered to be held on a one-million-dollar cash bond. Moggo is scheduled to appear in court again next Tuesday, January 24th.