MENOMONIE Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – A Chippewa Valley veteran is being honored for serving his country.

“This gift, this award wasn’t something I was expecting for my services at all”

Tory sailor is a veteran living in Menomonie with his family. As a token of thanks for his service and sacrifice, he was gifted with a new set of wheels Monday.

“It was a surprise when I found out that I was being considered for this, it was even more of a surprise when I found out I was being awarded the vehicle, and then to actually come here and see it, it just puts the cherry on top of the sundae so to say.”

The car was presented at Markquart in Menomonie by Freedom Alliance and U.S. Bank

“Somebody who has done so much for us and now needs help with a new vehicle to be able to go to his medical appointments, to care for his family, and to get back and forth to work in the Wisconsin winters,” said Freedom Alliance President Tom Kilgannon.

“I mean, a person like tory who went overseas and has lifelong disabilities as a result of that, it’s really important that we take care of those people

Sailor served in the army for four years,” said Markquart General Manager Joe Henchel.

“I got injured while I was in Afghanistan, sent back to Hawaii, and then ultimately medically retired in 2014,” said Sailor.

Due to those injuries, Sailor needs to make frequent trips to the Veteran’s Hospital in Minneapolis. He says receiving the car is something he will never forget

“It’s something that will stick with me for, longer than what the car will be there for”

Whether it be a member of the military, law enforcement, or first responders, the veteran says it’s amazing when a community comes together to recognize the sacrifices made by individuals and their families.

“I think that the notion that community gathering and recognizing somebody like me, who is certainly not special in any regards, is a larger testament to how our community recognizes its military and veterans”

An early Christmas present for a deserving man.

“Humbled, excited, happy, ready to go and take it out for a ride”

Sailor says the new car will also make it easier to take his 18-month-old child who was born prematurely to doctor appointments and get through the next snowstorm that comes this way.