CHIPPEWA FALLS Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The holidays are closing in, which means community members can get ready to see the annual Christmas Village display in Chippewa Falls. On Thanksgiving night, the 35th annual Christmas Village in Chippewa Falls opens.

The Village was started by the community and expanded with the Chippewa Falls Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department.

“Each year we try to add whether it’s Christmas lights, display, things like that to continue to develop and grow the Christmas Village.”

This year, there are two new displays to help represent the Chippewa Falls community.

“We have two new representations, they’re representing those staples within our community, which is kind of part of our goal here is to promote our community members and kind of highlight what Chippewa Falls is all about in the Victorian theme.”

And an interactive event on December 16 to learn more about the community’s history.

“We have volunteers portraying Christmas Villagers. They’re going to be strategically placed in front of different displays and provided with historical accounts of those displays and how they reflect the community and how they add to it.”

The preparations for the village are almost complete, with the final touches being added this week. Wayne Griffin is one of the volunteers and says it’s really neat to see the Village all set up.

“It’s amazing to see how meaningful it is for the kids when Christmas actually arrives.”

“The Christmas Village really is a representation of Chippewa Falls and how supportive of and close tight-knit and just overall having the community involvement in this is, this is big.”

The Christmas Village will be on display until January first. The Christmas Village is funded solely by donations. The Director of the Chippewa Falls Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department says every donation made goes right back into the upkeep, maintenance, and growth of the Village.