CHIPPEWA VALLEY Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Churchgoers came out to Hope Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon to appreciate art from the Chippewa Valley.

“It’s a celebration, as the title implies, of a number of different types of arts.”

“This is the first one.”

Carol Lendle coordinated the art part of the celebration at the church.

“And just an amazing array of wood carvers, wood burning, oil paints, watercolor. So, a nice variety of all kinds of arts.”

Jim Newman brought the sound.

“My gosh, I think we have close to 80 or 90 people singing in these choirs.”

“For all of us to get together for one common cause is just wonderful.”

“Our choir concert is going to be a free-will offering people are going to be able to donate to, a program called neighbor to neighbor.”‘

Lidixe Montoya is a deacon and the founder of that program.

“We’ve been around for three years now.”

And the work they’ve done for the Hispanic community includes building opportunities for the youth.

“We are going to start, officially, the first bilingual 4-H club in Eau Claire. The name is ‘Juntos’, next January.”

“We were able to fund scholarships for Hispanic students at UW-Eau Claire. It’s going to be the third year in a row.”

She hopes the congregations will continue to help each other.

“This is what neighbor-to-neighbor is, to work together. I’m inviting you to participate; even with your skills and your talents, with your presence and your generosity, to keep neighbor-to-neighbor alive.”

“All are welcomed to the church. We are just opening our arms and saying, come and join us.”

Organizers of the fall arts celebration are already planning for next year’s event. Each year they are hoping to have another one of the churches involved with the project host it.