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High school students in Wisconsin are now required to pass one more exam before graduating. As part of the state’s biennial budget, high schools in Wisconsin must implement the state requirement to test students’ civics knowledge, beginning next year. Fox 25-48’s Noelle Anderson has more.

A bill included in the state’s biennial budget would require graduating high school students to take a civics exam to better understand the world around them after graduation.

But local educators have expressed concern, saying students are tested too much.

“To me, it’s not necessary to do. You’ll find the assessments that the assembly’s interested in are already imbedded into assessments at both North and Memorial.”

Dave Oldenburg, principal at Memorial High School believes the last thing students need is another test.

“Our curriculum is aligned that it already would speak to this exam at both our high schools. While I understand that it is well intended, it’s simply the duplication of what we’re already doing. And we get enough standardized exams now, that another standardized exam is just excessive in my opinion.”

The exam would be made up of 100 questions and students would need to score 60% or better to pass.
Representatives say the test will ask questions similar to those on a U.S. citizenship exam. People who I spoke with say it’s good for students to know basic civics before graduating.

“I think being aware of the real world and being aware of how society works and to be a very responsible citizen. I think it’s important for kids to know and I think it’s an important part of education.”

“Testing is testing, I don’t know if it’s a valuable life skill, but it doesn’t hurt to see where you’re at and what you can learn and grow.”

“What our board is going to work on with us is just simply the logistics, the mechanics of how we assess students and keep track of that data.”

Noelle Anderson, Fox 25-48 News at 9.

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