Community members help clean up Cadott after tornado

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Cadott, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – People in the village of Cadott spent today assessing damage after a tornado touched down last night.  A survey crew with the National Weather Service classifies it as a high-end E-F zero tornado with top wind speeds of 85 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was on the ground for 10 minutes from 8:39 to 8:49 pm and its path was two point nine miles long.

The tornado downed trees and damaged a number of homes and buildings, including tearing the roof off St. Rose of Lima Catholic church in town.

No one was hurt during the storm.

Hundreds of community members were out helping their neighbor’s cleanup damage left behind from the tornado.

“A mess, basically sums it up.” Said Holly Craker.

That’s what’s left of Cadott Wednesday morning after a tornado passed through on Tuesday night.

“Early this morning the chainsaws started going.” Said Craker.

To clean up the wreckage left behind.

“we have a shed that’s a total loss, we have a car that’s a loss.” Said Craker.

A result of the tornado that left behind fallen trees, power outages, crushed vehicles, and damaged buildings across town.

“Could see the wind whipping and we just started singing and praying as loud as we could.” Said Craker.

“All the sudden I see this big, black cloud and I high tailed to home as fast as I could go.” Said Deloris Honadel.

St. Rose of Lima in Cadott took a hard hit from the storm, losing its roof and part of the building. An unfortunate loss that possibly protected a next-door neighbor.

“We knew we were protected being next to a church, but we didn’t realize we were that protected because that very well could have been the side of our house.” Said Craker.

Holly Craker who lives across the street from the church says she’s thankful everyone was safe and for the community’s help cleaning up debris and other damage outside her home.

“The whole community’s just come together. It’s fantastic to see. We had like 10 guys in our yard this morning and i didn’t know any of them.” Said Craker.

Some neighbors have been out all night helping, like Kenneth Arneson of Cadott who only got 3 hours of sleep.

“I can put my stuff on the back burner, more or less and help out everybody else.” Kenneth Arneson JR.

“That’s what happens in a small town, it’s really nice.” Father William Felix, St. Rose of Lima

“They’re doing such a wonderful job and so many people bringing sandwiches and water and everything helping us and it’s so wonderful.” Said Honadel.

People from the area were also giving out free meals since 7 am at the Halway bar in Cadott to volunteers.

“We have a lot. We’ve got plenty and we’re going to have to go lunches all through tomorrow as well.” Said Alisha Woodford.

Volunteers were also out delivering water and sandwiches across town.

“I think everyone just kind of has a feeling that it’s our responsibility to take care of each other.”  Said Woodford.

And that’s exactly what people did on Wednesday.

“It’s nice that we’re working as a community.” Said Arneson.

“Everybody helps everybody. It’s really something.” Said Honadel.

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