Consumer Price Index Climbs 6.2%

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I’m Lauren Moss with today’s AgDay Minute.

Prices are surging for things such as food, rent, cars, and heating oil. New inflation numbers for the month are out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They show prices have climbed 6.2 percent over the past twelve months. That’s the biggest increase in 31-years. Meat, poultry, fish, and eggs rose 11.9 percent. Beef prices alone are up more than 20-percent. Pork is up 14.1 percent, adding to concerns that inflation will stick around longer than expected.

Heinz is unveiling a Martian-grown ketchup. The company said it has made its first “Marz Edition” ketchup, made with tomatoes produced on earth, but in Mars-like conditions. A team of fourteen astrobiologists has been working on this for nine months. They grew the tomatoes in a controlled environment with soil, temperature, and water conditions similar to Mars. The research team and a former NASA astronaut were the first ones to taste the final product.

An entrepreneur in the Netherlands is combining his two passions, pizza and skateboarding, by designing skateboards from pizza. First, he makes the pizza then coats it with an epoxy resin in a mold allowing it to harden over ten days. Add some wheels and polish and you have a pizza skateboard. The creator says the board is fully functioning.

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