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This week, families will be spending countless hours in the kitchen preparing their Thanksgiving feast. But all of that time cooking, increases the chances of cooking fires during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving is not only a busy time for families but also for firefighters. On Thanksgiving Day fire crews respond to three times as many cooking fires than a typical day, according to the national fire protection association.

Deputy fire chief, Allyn Bertrang from Eau Claire Fire & Rescue says with a few safety tips you can eliminate the risk for cooking fires.

First, he says they highly recommend not deep frying your turkeys. Also remember to set timers and do not leave food unattended while cooking. While in the kitchen, they recommend staying within three feet of what you are cooking and not to let any pets or kids within that three foot radius.

There can be a lot happening on Thanksgiving but the key to preventing fires is just paying attention to the food you are cooking at all times.

“This is a holiday, people should have fun, they should enjoy the cooking process, they should enjoy the food and company and everything else but just make safety a part of that process, make the safety of your home and your family as important as the holiday itself,” said Allyn Bertrang, the deputy fire chief.

He also says if you do get a grease fire on your stove, do not put it out with water or a fire extinguisher but instead put a cover on the pot or pan and turn off the stove. Eau Claire Fire Rescue has responded to cooking fires in the city on Thanksgiving Day in the past so be careful and remember to just pay attention while preparing all of that Thanksgiving food.

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