Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – The nursing shortage sweeping the country is impacting hospitals across Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Nurse’s Association says the state needs at least 28-hundred nurses.

SSM health says before the pandemic, the turnover rate in Wisconsin was at the national low of nine percent. Now, it sits at roughly 15 percent.

Health officials say one of the primary reasons for the shortage is burnout from the pandemic. 

Veronica Scott-Fulton of SSM Health says, “We’ve never seen this before, we’ve never seen 30-year-olds coming in and passing away because of COVID so quickly, that’s not something we’re used to in health care, it has caused a lot of turmoil and PTSD for our nursing staff, especially for those in the ICU.”

The WNA says a long-term solution is higher pay for faculty staff to train more incoming nurses. They add there is no short-term solution to the immediate problem.