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Lawmakers in 10 states including ours are making a legislative push for debt-free public college to be a priority of the 2016 election. They say college students are being restricted by all the loans they have to pay when they graduate.  Fox 25/48 news reporter Neil Hebert has the story from the UW-Eau Claire campus.

Wisconsin state democrats brought forth a joint resolution to the assembly today that will try to bring Wisconsin college students closer to debt-free when they graduate. The way they would try to do it is with a little studying themselves. The joint resolution says a committee that will be known as the commission on debt-free college, will study the feasibility of establishing a state program to provide debt-free college education to all Wisconsin residents.
“This commission will be members of the majority party and the minority party as well as private industry and folks from the higher education community to look at this problem and find out how we can reduce the cost of education and encourage people to go to college and technical school.”

Wachs says with the amount of debt college students are accruing, it hinders the economy because they aren’t able to go and be consumers, but republicans aren’t sold on the idea and say the resolution is vague and would be hard to accomplish.
“I think it’s a longshot because there isn’t any money. It would be really nice to have debt-free college, but I’m not sure how you can do it without putting money into the system. “

Students in college right now may not know how much they’ll have to pay in the long run, but the idea of having to start a career in debt doesn’t sound very appealing.

“I feel like having debt is just in the back of your mind. What am I going to do in the future? How am I going to pay off that? How am I going to get a house? How am I going to have a family when I have all these student loans sitting there, waiting for me?”
“It would be really nice for the next however long that I’m going to have to pay for it. It’s like I don’t even know what I got into. Did I make the right choice going to school?”

Wachs says democrats have advanced bills recently that would allow college students to refinance their loans, but there wasn’t bipartisan support. Reporting in Eau Claire, Neil Hebert, Fox 25/48 News at 9.

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