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The election season officially kicked off Monday evening with the Iowa caucus.

As of Monday, there were still 11 Democrat candidates in the race to become the party’s presidential candidate.

The caucus in Iowa will start the process of narrowing that selection down.

Voters in Decorah, Iowa say having a caucus as opposed to a primary is different, but something they prefer.

“There is just something cool about being in a room and talking to your neighbors and people campaigning,” said Luther Snow, a Decorah voter.

“You have to kind of get yourself out there and say who you stand for and why,” said Chris Johnson, a Decorah voter. “Whereas in a primary you are voting and you can keep that to yourself. Here, you are kind of putting yourself out there a little bit.”

This year’s Iowa caucus will introduce new rules. One being that if a person’s first vote for a candidate does not meet the 15 percent vote total threshold, they will need to re-vote for a new candidate.

There are other changes as well.

“This time, if you are in a viable group, which is like 15 percent of the total, than you’re committed after the first round,” Snow said. “This is part of a set of rule changes that they put in to make it more transparent.”

Voters say they have prepared by having a first and second choice candidate, some even having a third.

Voters in Iowa say they always take this time seriously, especially knowing how many eyes are on them.

“It does feel kind of special, but it also makes you feel a responsibility, like you better do it right because everybody’s watching,” said Snow.

The town of Decorah has nearly 8,000 citizens and says election season is always a busy time.

Candidates have made trips to campaign and set up various headquarters throughout the downtown area.

“I think a lot of us are probably also excited for the day or two after the caucus, when we can finally have the town back to ourselves,” Johnson said.

The small town works together to volunteer and organize the caucus event.

Several businesses closed to allow its workers to participate as well.

As of Tuesday, there are still no results in the caucus as the results have delayed.

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