(Hager City, WI) – Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher released a statement endorsing Republican candidate Derrick Van Orden for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd district. Gallagher’s endorsement follows a growing group of endorsements which include former Governor Scott Walker, former Representative Sean Duffy, and Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas.

Congressman Gallagher had this to say. “As a veteran and former small business owner with deep roots in Western Wisconsin, Derrick Van Orden is not looking for a career in politics, he is looking to solve problems. Derrick is running for office to help Wisconsinites and to serve the state and country he loves. The values and principles that Derrick displayed during his 5 combat deployments as a Navy SEAL are ones we need in the House of Representatives. Derrick has never run from a challenge or shied away from a fight. He’s in this race for the right reasons and as Wisconsinites get to know him, they will see he would make an effective advocate for them in Congress.”

In response to the endorsement, Derrick thanked him in a statement. “It is a tremendous compliment to receive Congressman Mike Gallagher’s endorsement for office. He is a Statesman, Marine, and Leader. I am looking forward to working closely with him in Congress to help bring our Wisconsin values to the House.”

Retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden is currently running against Democrat incumbent Ron Kind.