Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The holiday season is often filled with gift-giving, and with gifts, comes extra trash. The DNR is encouraging you to reduce and recycle more waste this holiday season.

Items that can be recycled that the state bans from landfills include cardboard, paper, plastic number 1 and 2 containers, aluminum, steel, and glass containers. The DNR says to also keep in mind items that are not recyclable

“Batteries, if damaged, can easily spark and cause serious fires, especially the lithium-ion batteries that power a lot of our electronics today. And so, what you want to do with those is take them to a drop-off point or use a free manufacture mail-back program if that’s an option.”

Another large issue around the holidays is food waste. The DNR says more food is thrown out at this time of year than any other. To avoid extra waste, avoid overcooking when possible, and send guests home with leftovers if you have people visiting.