EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Gary King remains in his position as Eau Claire County District Attorney as he is investigated by the governor’s office for sexual harassment and being intoxicated at work.

The DA office manager says King is out of the office taking voluntary leave for the next two weeks. During that time, his cases are being handled by assistant district attorneys.

Though King still holds his role as district attorney his access to the office and courthouse is limited. County Administrator Kathryin Schauf notes in a letter sent to King he will only have access to the DA’s office and will have to use the public entrance to the building and go through the security checkpoint to access the second floor.

Yesterday, we reported Governor Evers has appointed a commissioner to investigate the district attorney. Then Evers will decide if King can keep his job.

King will be represented in the upcoming proceeding by former Dane county DA Hal Harlowe. In a statement this afternoon Harlowe says in part, “We hope that the public that Gary has served—including local officials—will  not  rush  to  judgment  on  incomplete  information  and will  first  allow  the  governor  to  reach  a  decision  based  upon  a  deliberative  and  fair  process.”