EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Saturday’s record-breaking rainfall, topped by today’s weather, continues to affect roads and communities from Eau Claire to La Crosse.

Families on the north side of Eau Claire were hoping the rain would quit after yesterday’s downpour flooded their homes. First News at Nine’s Carla Rogner reports.

Homes underwater.

Sandy Utphall said, “We got copious amounts of rain just incredible it came very quickly.”

This is the result of a daylong downpour in Eau Claire Saturday.

“Mass amount of water came through our backyard and it is flooding through our lower-level windows right now,” said Cassandra Casey.

Casey says she was watching tv at her home, in the Camden place neighborhood, planning to head out to dinner when she looked out her window.

Casey said, “and saw some massive flooding in the backyard getting closer and closer to our foundation and immediately we called friends and family they came over and helped put sandbags up on the windows.”

Hers wasn’t the only home flooded.

“We were playing in the water and the windows cracked,” said neighborhood boys Leo Needham and Alex Willklm.

This house is left with a basement full of water. The neighborhood kids say they were playing outside when their backyards turned into a river.

Hadley said, “The house was flooding it started filling up and started to get really bad.”

“We have gotten water in this area, but it has never come up to the homes,” said Utphall.

Neighbors like Sandy Utphall coming out to help clean up and assess the damage.

Utphall said, “It’s a great neighborhood unfortunately there wasn’t something that could be done they are pumping the water from the basement, so we just have to wait for it.”

For Casey and her neighbors, it’s a storm that turned into a nightmare.

She’s only been in her home for a year and a half. Now doing anything she can to keep the water out and looking for a long-term solution so this doesn’t happen again.