EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Flynn Elementary’s Fall Carnival is about more than clowning around and having a good time. It’s a fundraiser for new playground equipment.

President of the parent-teacher organization, Michelle Rowekamp, says this is a wonderful start to the many exciting fundraisers they will be hosting for their new playground, “We have a few events throughout the school year that we’re going to focus those funds towards the playground. And this is our first one. So doing a fall carnival, we opened up to the community and we have games and prizes and concessions and we’re just really excited to have everyone come out and hang out with us today.”

Fifth-grade teacher, Angel Crawford, says the kids at Flynn Elementary played a large part in making this possible, “All of the student council went to all of the classrooms in the school and they asked the kids what they would like to see on the playground at Flynn. They got a ton of recommendations, things that the kids were really excited about and they were able to send it to the PTO to potentially get some really cool playground equipment.”

Rowekamp added, “We have a big, long list of what the kids would like to see. They range from the kids want more swings. They want an obstacle course. They want spinny things like there’s a lot on there.”

Molly Rowekamp, a student at Flynn Elementary says she’s excited and is looking forward to getting something she’s been wanting for a while, “A bigger slide,”

Crawford says a new playground isn’t just about making the kids happy, it will also benefit their health. “We have always wanted to teach students how to learn how their body works and how they can play in a really fun and safe way. And I think what we have at Flynn is awesome and amazing, but installing some new things that will help kids learn even more about how their body moves and how to play safely could be so much more fun too.

Organizers say they need around sixty thousand dollars for the new equipment and are hoping to get around a thousand from the Fall Carnival with more fundraisers around the corner.

School officials say they are uncertain when they will begin construction but are hopeful that it will be within the next year. The new playground will also be open to other kids in the neighborhood.