EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The city of Eau Claire shutdown nearly half its water wells after finding the presence PFAS through groundwater tests.

The city says its drinking water is safe. Earlier this year, the city found contamination in four wells. Those wells were taken off-line.

It recently found contamination in three more wells. It’s dumping that water into an auxiliary lagoon to prevent further contamination.

Officials say the city still has nine safe wells, which is more than enough to meet demand.

Lane Berg, City of Eau Claire Unities Manager, “The water’s still safe. Do not make any alternative plans. Do not make any alternative plans. You do not need to consider boiled water or bottled water or anything like that. It’s still safe. And what we’re doing out here is proactive. We’re getting ahead of this instead of waiting for it.”

Berg says the water from the additional three being dumped into the lagoon still meets state department of health services guidelines for what it considers safe. However, the city didn’t want to take any chances.