EAU CLAIRE Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – If you’re a dog lover but can’t have a dog at home or are still considering whether to get one, the Eau Claire County Humane Association has the perfect program for you.

The Eau Claire County Humane Association has created a program for people who want to help ECCHA but can’t necessarily foster a dog in their home.

“We have a program called daycations through ECCHA, where people can come and take one of our adoptable dogs out for the afternoon. Studies show that even 45 minutes outside of the shelter greatly reduces the stress that our dogs endure here. So, it is much needed and very, very welcome for people to come and do that.”

By taking the dogs outside, ECCHA staff say they can also learn more about each pet.

“The shelter’s a very different environment than home, obviously. And some dogs may act one way in the shelter and be completely different when they’re in a home or on a walk or whatever.”

The Daycation Program can be a fit for any activity level, whether you want to stay home and relax or go for a run.

“Say you want to take a really nice long hike and you want to spend time outside. Maybe you grab one of our higher energy dogs that really like to hike or swim or play fetch or what have you.”

And if there are concerns about supplies or any other items you might need, ECCHA staff say they’ve got it covered.

“We will supply everything. We have leashes, and we have little “adopt me” bandanas.”

Helping make sure everyone has a pawsitive time.