Election 2020 campaign: the final push

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(WLAX/WEUX) – After a busy weekend for both candidates, now back on the campaign trail, trying to reach any voters still on the fence about heading to the polls. Advisers and strategists say this race continues to tighten with both campaigns making their final arguments. FOX News correspondent Lauren Blanchard reports from Washington.              

No longer days away, now just hours, the 2020 election is almost here.

President Trump said, “We are going to win this state and we are going to win four more years in our great White House.”

The presidential candidates and their running mates have grueling schedules on their final full day of campaigning.

President Trump, holding five rallies in four states and former vice president Joe Biden is focusing on Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Biden said, “Tomorrow we have an opportunity to put an end to a presidency that’s divided this nation. Tomorrow, we can put an end to a president that has failed to protect this nation.”

A real clear politics average of national polls has Biden leading trump by six-point-five percent.

His lead has narrowed over the last month.

Trump said, “They are the phoniest polls and they were, they were almost as bad four years ago.”

Analysts say there are a handful of states to watch for an indication of who will win the White House including Pennsylvania and Florida.

Matt Gorman, former NRCC Communications Director said, “Trump can lose through the sunbelt, but to win into the presidency he needs to hold all of the sunbelt as well as pick off Pennsylvania or a Michigan up North.”

But they say also keep an eye on states that the candidates have been trying to flip.

Kevin Walling, Democratic Digital Campaign Adviser said, “If Georgia goes blue, I think that’s the final nail in the coffin.”

Businesses and cities all across the U.S. are bracing for unrest following the election.

Analysts say people need to be patient for a result, because it could take days, even weeks for a clear winner.

In Washington, Lauren Blanchard, FOX news.

President Trump is wrapping up his fourth of five rallies right now in Kenosha, the president will hop back on-air force one and head to grand rapids, Michigan for one final campaign rally.

Trump’s Kenosha rally is his second visit to Kenosha since the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The president trying to close the gap in Wisconsin which had him trailing former vice-president Joe Biden by five percentage points of likely voters in last week’s Marquette Law School poll.

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