Election fallout and Biden agenda update

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Washington, D.C. (WLAX/WEUX) – Democrats are regrouping after losing some ground during Tuesday’s.

Fox’s Peter Doocy has the details. 

Biden says: “We all have an obligation to accept the legitimacy of these elections.”

A lot’s changed since yesterday.

Biden says: “I think we’re gonna win.”

But in Virginia, they didn’t.

Doocy says: “When you went to try to help Terry Mcauliffe and a couple of weeks go pretty well, you mentioned Trump 24 times. Do you still think the voters really want to hear you talking about trump more than the issues affecting them every day?”

Biden says: “Well, the reason I mention Trump, I didn’t count the times, is because the issues he supports are affecting their lives every day and their negative impact.”

The democrats are criticizing democrats for a far-left campaign pitch.

Warner says: “You can’t win in Virginia if you only appeal to very liberal voters.”

Some senators believe last night’s result could mean democratic leaders can’t count on moderates anymore.

“Any swing state senator is probably saying, ‘am I gonna keep going along with a crazy agenda out of the white house or, or do I want to get reelected?”

But, speaker Pelosi plans to keep pushing trillions of dollars worth of progressive spending bills.

Reporter says: “Does it change the agenda for, uh, the house?”

Pelosi says: “No.”

Republicans say that misses point.

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi did not get the message from what happened last night.”

For months, the Biden agenda has stalled.

Warner says: “We’ve got to show that we can deliver in a pragmatic way that affects people’s lives.”

As election day approached, president Biden’s approval rating cratered from 54 percent in May to 46 percent in late October.

Republicans sense the start of a trend.

Desantis says: “this wave is, is building.”

This election, the key issues were education and the economy.

The next election, it could be immigration.

Doocy says: “As you’re leaving for your overseas trip, there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants, who are separated from their families at the border, up to 450 thousand dollars each, possibly a million dollars per family. Do you think that that might incentivise more people to come over illegally?”

Biden says: “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but, it’s not true.”

Doocy says: “So, this is a garbage report?”

Biden says: “Yeah.”

Doocy says: “Okay.”

Biden says: “450 thousand dollars per person. That’s not gonna happen.”

Yes, it it, according to the ACLU, who are already responding to that exchange that we had with the president saying that he may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his own justice department and going so far as to say that if the president follows through on what he said, that those payments of 450-thousand dollars are not going to happen, than he will be abandoning a core campaign promise to do justice for the thousands of separated families.

At the White House, Peter Doocy, Fox News. 

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