Erik Sackett testifies in his trial where he is accused of killing La Crosse woman

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Mr. Sackett I am going to start with the question that all of us are here to answer— did you kill Erin Somvilai?,” asked Chris Zacher, defense attorney.
“No I did not,” said Erik Sackett.

Erik Sackett took the stand Monday testifying in the case where he is accused of killing Erin Somvilai in June of 2018.

He talked about the status of his relationship with Somvilai and recalled one time she tried to kill herself.

Sackett said she took pills and then attempted to drown herself in a bathtub.

“She told me not to talk about her suicides…I got her out of the water and put her on the couch,” Sackett said.

Sackett said he was trying to protect Somvilai and the custody she had of her children when talking to police.

He said he worried if they knew about her suicidal thoughts that it could jeopardize that, so he withheld information.

“You said the last time you saw her was Sunday morning at your house right?,” asked District Attorney Tim Gruenke.
“Yes,” answered Sackett.
“That’s not true is it?,” Gruenke asked.
“It is not.,” Sackett said.
“Then, that’s a lie right?,” Gruenke said.
“Yes,” Sackett answered.

Sackett said that he mixed up dates and that is also why he didn’t tell the police he went to Somvilai’s house the day before she went missing.

Sackett said that while he did lie to the police and his probation officer, that does not mean he committed the crime he’s accused of.

“I lied to my PO— I am hanging out with prostitutes and known drug users. I did not tell the truth about everything. That does not make me a murderer,” Sackett said.

The Prosecution asked why Sackett told police several times that Somvilai was not wearing shoes the morning of June 3rd when she surprised him at his house.

“Is it because you knew she had been put in the lake with no shoes on?,” Gruenke asked.
“I didn’t know that she was in a lake and I didn’t know that she had no shoes on,” Sackett said.

Throughout the approximate four hours that Sackett was on the stand, he maintained his innocence.

“Were you with Erin when she died?,” Zachar asked.
“No,” Sackett said.
“Did you kill Erin?,” Zachar questioned.
“No,” Sackett answered.
“Did you transport her body anywhere?,” Zachar asked.
“No,” Sackett said.

The Defense will call their final two witnesses Tuesday afternoon– neither of them Dr. David Onsrud, the alternative suspect.

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