DAY 9 UPDATE: The Ezra McCandless homicide trial continued in Dunn County Thursday.

Testimony continued from her ex-boyfriend Jason Mengel.

He told attorneys the relationship ended while he was away at military training, saying he “was a little distraught.”

Another witness called to the stand was Matthew Schreiber who was Alex Woodworth’s roommate at the time of Woodworth’s death in 2018.

Schreiber testified he shared a wall with Woodworth in their home, and he never heard anything from Alex’s room which caused him any concern.

The trial continues Friday.

DAY 8: The trial for Ezra McCandless, this woman accused of stabbing a man to death in Dunn County in 2018 continues.

An ex-boyfriend of Ezra McCandless took the stand Wednesday during day eight of the homicide trial in Dunn County.

Jason Mengel took the stand and described some of the details of his relationship with McCandless, including, mentioning Ezra became pregnant in 2017 and went through with an abortion shortly thereafter.

Also on Wednesday, parts of a journal written by McCandless were entered into evidence in which she describes her emotional struggles.

The last time it was edited was March 21, 2018, the day before Woodworth was stabbed to death.

The trial is expected to last through Nov. 1.

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