HAYWARD, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – 91 Wisconsinites are currently reported as missing, according to the Department of Justice. First News at Nine’s Jessica Mendoza shares the story of one Hayward man who disappeared in October.

34-year-old Aaron Johnson has been missing for five months.

“We have been doing everything to find you and we miss you so much. A month before he disappeared, he started to change maybe there was some substance abuse,” said Amanda Thayer, Aaron’s wife.

Since his disappearance from Rusk County on October 11, there have been few clues for his wife Amanda Thayer and the rest of his family hold onto.

“On December second his truck was found in the Blue Hills on the fire lane in Bruce Wisconsin, and then on December 15 or 16 a citizen posted a photo of Aaron walking in his undergarments and that person was the last to ever see him,” said Thayer.

This photo, confirmed by Thayer to be her husband, was taken the day after he went missing. Yet still nothing close to answers.

“There’s a lot of loose ends there’s a lot of unanswered questions,” said Kerry Haack, Johnson’s mother.

Haack says before his disappearance, Johnson would call her every day.

“It’s like my soul is ripped in half a part of me is missing with him,” said Haack.

According to the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office, several agencies have helped with the search for Johnson.

“I guess I’m begging and pleading for someone to help us,” said Haack.

Thayer has been using social media to spread awareness of the search and says the physical searches will likely pick up again in the spring.

“Some days I’ll be like okay he’s alive and I’ll keep looking for him and other days I’ll feel like what if he’s passed and I don’t even know you know,” said Thayer.

Thayer and Haack both say the hardest part, is all of the unknown.

In Rusk County Jessica Mendoza First News at Nine.