ALTOONA Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Multiple western Wisconsin sheriffs met today in Altoona to discuss the region’s fentanyl crisis. Sheriffs from Eau Claire, Dunn, and Saint Croix counties joined state representative Jesse James and congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden to discuss the issue.

They talked about where it is coming from, who is distributing it, and how to bring down the number of deaths linked to it. Various law enforcement agencies formed what is called the high-intensity drug area group to help curb the issue, but they say more needs to be done.

“With the HIDA group, high-intensity drug area, we’re going to work with Minneapolis and St. Paul so if we arrest someone here in Wisconsin, we’re going them the information,”

“We have one DEA officer here that represents about 26 counties in western Wisconsin…one person can’t but a couple of DEA agents working with our drug task forces can make a difference.”

One theme from today’s meeting was collaboration. To make strides against drugs and drug-related overdoses, local, state, and federal agencies need to work together.