MADISON, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The DNR says the fewer hunters, the more deer and overpopulation become a problem for everyone. According to the Wisconsin DOT. Anywhere between 15-thousand and 19-thousand deer are killed on the road in the state each year.

As hunters prepare their guns for the upcoming hunting season, they’re also preparing to see fewer friends out and about next weekend. The Wisconsin DNR sells 2% fewer licenses every year. Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Biologist, Julie Wiholm, says, “We’ve overall seen a decline in the number of deer hunters, mainly because a lot of our traditional hunters are sort of aging out of the sport. So, finding it more difficult to get out there. We aren’t seeing the recruitment with younger hunters quite meet the numbers that we’re losing or that are aging out.”

Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Program Supervisor, Jeff Pritzl, adds, “All Wisconsinites can be and are impacted by the trends in deer population.”

Gun deer season runs Saturday, November 18th through Sunday the 26th.