La Crosse Fire Department ask residents to use fireworks safely

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – The Fourth of July is a few weeks away, so the La Crosse Fire Department wants to make sure people celebrate safely this year.

Assistant Fire Chief Craig Snyder says the department has started to notice fireworks being shot off in La Crosse.

He wants to remind the public what they can and can’t do regarding fireworks.

“Anything that explodes or leaves the ground is actually illegal in the state of Wisconsin without a permit,” Synder explained. “We don’t typically run around and try to chase people down, but if we come across them if there’s an injury or a fire or something that would occur with the use of them, the fine can be up to $1,000.”

Snyder says fireworks that shoot into the air have led to unintended fires in the past.

The dry conditions in the Coulee Region increase the chance of that happening this year.

“We’ve had several fires in the past over the Fourth of July time period where we’ve had garbage fires, dumpster fires,” Snyder said. “It compounds when it starts to get dry like we’ve been this year, we’re still about four and a half inches behind on total rainfall for our area where we should be at.”

With the rules and risks in mind, Skyline Fireworks owner Luke Marcou is emphasizing safety to all of his customers this summer.

“The big thing is to make sure there’s always an adult present, always a bucket of water around, if you live in a town where a permit is required go talk to your town, ask them for a permit,” Marcou listed. “Always read the labels on the fireworks that you purchase to make sure if the fireworks leave the ground that you know that and keep kids at a safe distance.”

Whether putting on your own show or enjoying the large displays in the area, both Marcou and Snyder encourage everyone to celebrate smartly and safely.

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