Police say five people were taken into custody, and three charged, after a fight at an Eau Claire YMCA.

They’ve been identified as Montay Brunson, Marcus Wells, Robert Demerath, and Veronica Sharkey.
A 15-year old was taken juvenile detention. Brunson, Wells, and Sharkey are facing charges.

Investigators say the fight happened around seven last night, on the basketball court at the “y” downtown.
When police got on scene, an officer was pepper sprayed in the face by Sharkey. The suspects were then arrested.

A spokesman with the police department says situations such as this are very dangerous.

“It’s a very dangerous situation for our officers to get in the middle of. We are called to situations to help resolve that, and unfortunately people involved were not complying and not cooperative and put our officers in a very dangerous situation,”

The four adults were arrested for disorderly conduct. Sharkey was also arrested for obstructing an officer.