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A no needle alternative to the flu shot is seeing a supply shortage due to production challenges. Parents in Eau Claire County may not be out of luck if they were hoping to get their child the flu-mist vaccine.

As most parents probably know, kids get into just about everything, which may end up getting them sick.

“Young children can get between 8 and 12 viral infections a year. So if seems like they’re always sick, you’re probably right.”

Which is why preventative measures like the flu vaccine are important.

“It’s more desirable for the children to have the mist versus the shot.”

But a popular no needle alternative to the flu shot is seeing a supply shortage

“One of the companies was having a production issues and sent out their doses quite late so we have had a shortage of the nasal flu vaccine.”

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals attributes the shortage of the flu-mist to production challenges.

“We will, in Wisconsin, get a third of our doses in December and they will be shipping them out incrementally throughout the season.”

The Eau Claire city county health department says the area is seeing some shortages but parents are still able to get the flu-mist

“At Walgreens they don’t have any at the time. We have plenty. We have a lot of flu mist here.”

Marshfield Clinic in Eau Claire does say it’s always good to call your provider ahead of time before promising kids the no-needle version but says either way the flu vaccine is recommended for all kids over six months of age

“We have plenty of the injectable flu vaccine which is very effective and there’s no reason not to get your vaccine if you can’t get the nasal vaccine.”

In Eau Claire, Jessica Bringe, Fox 25-48 News at 9.

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