The Emmy Award

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – And the Emmy Award goes to… us!

Fox 25/48 has won an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Award in the “Historical Documentary” category for “Rivertown: The Ballad of Brinkman Ridge”. To say we are proud of our hardworking Creative Services team would be an understatement. This is Fox 25/48’s first Emmy award and second nomination.

Rivertown is an original FOX25/48 production of local stories with a spooky bend to them. FOX25/48 has been producing Rivertown for the past three years with help from various community entities like La Crosse Public Library, Murphy Library Special Collections/ARC, and the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. The Creative Services team are heavily planning and producing this year’s Rivertown as we speak.

A special congratulations to all who helped create the Emmy award-winning Rivertown: The Ballad of Brinkman Ridge.


Tyler Ike: Creative Services Director, Producer, Editor

Lucas Lashock: Creative/Executive Producer, Editor

Allie Pickrain: Creative Producer, Editor

Deion Tovar: Creative Producer, Editor


Kristen Peloski as HELEN BIESEN

Scott Cross as NICK BIESEN

Josh Berry as JOHN BEIER


Again, a round of applause and congratulations the hardworking team for this well-deserved accomplishment. A massive thank you to Anita Doering, Scott Brouer and the La Crosse Public Library for all they do to make these shows possible.

But now, sit back, relax and enjoy the Emmy Award-winning documentary, The Ballad of Brinkman Ridge.