A group of Chippewa Falls Girl Scouts from troop 3-1-0-1 earned the highest award a junior girl scout can receive. It’s called the bronze award.

First News at Nine’s Leeann Stapleton spoke with the Girls Scouts about their award-winning project and how it feels to know their hard work paid off.

Sophia Arnold, Shelby Baldeshwiler, Kierra Gerrish, Brooklyn Helgerson, and Cora Tallman came together this past year to build a new addition to the Halmstad elementary school playground. They built an octagonal court for a different form of dodge ball called gaga ball.

“This game is called gaga ball,” Tallman said. “We came up with the idea when we were all talking in the pavilion as a group.”

As Junior Girl Scouts, to earn the award, they were tasked with educating and inspiring others in the community and working together to complete their project with a minimum of 20 hours dedicated to it. With the help of their dads, the girls achieved their goal.

“It was fun,” Tallman said. “It was kind of a good bonding moment with das and you could learn new skills like we drilled in screws and that kind of thing.”

Helgerson says the pit is big enough to hold 20-30 people.

“We ended up fitting the whole fifth grade into that gaga ball pit,” Helgerson said.

All five girls agreed the project was a success and it feels good to leave the gaga ball pit behind as their legacy.

“It’s like all the pressure is off,” Tallman said. “We won it and it feels good an everybody enjoys it and that’s a good thing.”

Since it’s completion in May, the pit has been put to good use by the students at Halmstad elementary.

“Every time we looked out the window, the gaga ball pit was booked,” Baldeshwiler said.

The girls have since moved onto 6th grade and are now Cadette Girl Scouts. They say the Girl Scouts taught them so much and are looking forward to what come next.

“This is a good thing so you’re not sitting inside watching TV all day,” Tallman said. “You can get out and explore and do activities outside.”

In Chippewa Falls, Leeann Stapleton, First News at Nine.