Wisc. (WLAX/WEUX) – The worker shortage is a problem being seen across the country. Here in Wisconsin, funds are being given to various projects to work on long-term solutions for the lack of workers.

Governor Tony Evers announced millions of dollars in grant money at UW-Eau Claire Tuesday to help with a lack of workers in the state.

“With the workforce innovation grant program, we designed it with these challenges in mind to encourage regions and communities to develop leading-edge long-term solutions to the unique workforce challenges in their communities”

12 projects across Wisconsin were chosen for the workforce innovation grant program. That includes UW-Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley Technical College.

“First, we will be 9.4 million dollars right here to the folks at UW-Eau Claire. We will invest into the university’s efforts to develop concrete strategies to collaborate with partners, prepare and retain teachers, nurses, and social workers for the region.”

Chippewa Valley Technical College will be receiving up to $10 million for their Restore project. UWEC chancellor James Schmidt says the funds will be focused on strengthening the workforce in rural areas in our region with the help of mayo clinic and other partners.

“We saw Wisconsin’s rural economy struggling to keep pace within a fast-changing competitive world. By encouraging talent development, deploying more workers, and up-skilling existing infrastructure,” said Schmidt. CVTC’s grant will be used toward a project called Restore.

CCTC’s President Sunem Beaton-Garcia said, “Restore focuses on the efforts of restoring, employment through support training outreach recruitment and education…so this Restore project will implement plans to address the critical workforce shortage in manufacturing across rural areas across northwest Wisconsin”

CVTC has several partners on the project like Bloomer school district.

Bloomer Superintendent Brian Misfeldt said, “The center will be a training center which the school district will have access to, but will also provide training opportunities for our community in a variety of manufacturing fields.”

Governor Evers says with these funds, the Chippewa Valley can take steps to build a stronger future workforce. The workforce innovation grant awarded almost 60-million dollars between the 12 projects. The money will be given out over the course of three years.